Women & Wine Night


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Women & Wine: A Journey Through Piemonte 

If you're looking to gain a deeper understanding of the diversity and complexity of Italian wine, Piemonte is the perfect place to start. From sweet & playful Moscato to crisp, dry Gavi and brooding, robust Barbaresco, this region has it all.

The latest instalment of Bar Centrale's Women & Wine series will offer you the chance to explore the world of Piemontese food & wine in an accessible and approachable environment. Join Bar Centrale’s resident sommelier, Laura Jane Faulds, for a relaxing evening of great food, fine Italian wine, and stimulating conversation.

Price of admission includes a sampling of four unique Cavinona wines paired with four accompanying dishes by Bar Centrale's head chef Jon Ward.

No boys allowed!

Allergies/Dietary Restrictions: If you or your guest have any dietary restrictions or allergies please email them to laura@terroni.ca so we can better accommodate you.