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Il Gusto del Vino – Revisiting Tuscany

So closely intertwined is Tuscan history to that of the rest of the republic that the region has often served as a stand-in for Italy in popular imagination and culture. The birthplace of the Italian language as well as of many influential painters, writers, and scientists, Tuscany has left an indelible mark on Italy’s cultural history.

Tuscan wines too were among the first to be widely exported across the Atlantic, and while the region remains a dominant force in wine production today, the quality and variety of those wines have come a long way. The Super Tuscan craze of the mid-nineties has given way to an era of gentler, more expressive wines, with many bulk producers turning their attention towards lower yields, higher quality production, and estate bottling.

Come take another look at a region you thought you knew and experience a whole new side of La Bella Toscana.

Resident Sommelier Andreina Da Riva and La Bettola Wine Director Andrea Tonicello will be your hosts, while Executive Chef Costantino Guzzo curates a menu of Tuscan specialties designed to showcase the best of the region’s bottlings.


Price: $95 (includes gratuity; excludes HST)

When: Monday April 22, 7:30 p.m.

Where: La Bettola di Terroni, 106 Victoria St. (at Richmond)

Allergies/Dietary Restrictions: If you or your guest have any dietary restrictions or allergies, please email them to so we can better accommodate you.