Spaccio Kids Meal Box


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Introducing new meal boxes from Terroni and Sud Forno's central kitchen, Spaccio! We've curated a selection of Spaccio's most popular products to make it even easier for you to shop on the go. Our current line-up of boxes includes our Family MealKids Meal, and Breakfast Meal. Prep instructions are included in each box. Buon Appetito! 





Included in the Kids Meal Box:

4x Portions of Spaghetti: semolina, eggs, water

1x Jar of Pomodoro: tomato, onion, basil, EVOO, salt

2x Frozen Margherita Stirata: water, flour, yeast, tomato, salt, EVOO, basil, mozzarella, fior di latte

1x Prosciutto Cotto (180gr)

1x Loaf of Small Pugliese Bread: mother yeast (white flour and water), semola rimacinata from Altamura, salt

6x Frozen Chocolate Saccottino: flour, water, yeast, butter, chocolate, milk powder, sugar

1x Bombolini Box: 3x nutella and 3x crema