Otello Pasta Machine


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The history of Marcato started in 1930 with the intuition of Otello Marcato, who created the first manual pasta machine to make it easier to prepare fresh homemade pasta.

Otello is the limited-edition machine that celebrates the original project of the company founder, reinterpreting the brand’s traditional design with modern technologies, and quality materials.


Otello features some cutting-edge technical solutions already in the original project, such as the control to change the thickness of the sheet of pasta, now with 7 positions.

The modern version of the machine brings together the Marcato technologies features in the other models in the range: the anodised aluminium alloy rollers, the highly resistant polymer resin combs and the removable resin scrapers to ensure better cleaning.

Otello is a limited edition collector's item, designed and made by Marcato to represent Italian design worldwide.


Colour: Sky Chrome

The structure of Othello is made of chromed aluminium with a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) treatment, a process that deposits a thin metal film on chrome, which hardens the surface and ensures a spectacular aesthetic effect.


Wood: Elm

The bases and knobs of the handle are made of solid wood which gives the machine a vintage look, whilst retaining the typical stability and strength of Marcato products.

The wood is treated with natural oil to increase resistance and durability over time. 



Otello comes with a 2-year warranty.