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Our Terroni Essentials bundle includes our famous peperoncini piccanti, extra virgin-olive oil and pomodori pelati. Choose from three different sizes. 




Peperoncini Piccanti (285g)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (375ml) 
Pomodori Pelati (800g)


Peperoncini Piccanti (580g)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (750ml) 
Pomodori Pelati (800g)


Peperoncini Piccanti (1062g)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (5l) 
2x Pomodori Pelati (800g)



Peperoncini Piccanti

Our famous Peperoncini Piccanti from Terroni and Sud Forno are now available online! 

At Terroni we have been importing these mouth watering peppers from our friends in Puglia, Italy for years. They have become a staple condiment at all of our locations. So much so that many of our customers have been known to ship them to their addicted Peperoncini Piccanti friends from all over the world!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Terroni Olive Oil is produced in Puglia by a family friend, Paolo Lo Monaco. Paolo has been supplying this oil to Terroni for decades, he owns about 2000 olive trees which are mostly of the Coratina olive variety.

This beautiful olive oil is extracted by hand, following a traditional process. Our olive oil is a golden green in colour, is very low in acidity, spicy and pungent to the taste with hint of fruit. At Terroni we use this in every dish on the menu and we also welcome our guests by serving it with our bread made from our bakery Sud Forno.

 Pomodori Pelati 

Ever wonder what makes Terroni tomato sauce taste so good? It’s a secret, but we will give you a hint. Inside each Pomodori Pelati there is a dash of sunshine, a sprinkle of Pugliese air and whole lot of love! These beautiful tomatoes are picked at the perfect time and are specially made into a lovely passata for Terroni and our customers.