Domori Chocolate Bundle #1


Domori was founded by Gianluca Franzoni in 1997 and is considered one of Europe's finest chocolate makers. In 1993, Franzoni traveled to Venezuela to help develop a business model to reposition fine cacao. He experimented with different varieties to help preserve Venezuela’s biodiversity and even helped prevent the extinction of the Criollo beans. Domori is the first company to use the fine Criollo variety, which is considered the rarest and most prized cacao bean in the world. 

In this bundle, we have pre-selected a variety of Domori's finest chocolate:

The 75g Line (Pistacchio) - A delicious contrast between the sweetness and milky aroma of white chocolate and whole pistachios, roasted and slightly salted. (75g)

The 75g Line (Fondente Dark Chocolate 70%) - Cocoa blend of Domori’s dark chocolate in a 75g chocolate bar. The aromatic taste of fine cacao, with the same short recipe, now in a recyclable flowpack. (75g)

The Origins (Trinitario 70% Peru) - A chocolate bar with a taste of social redemption, with Trinitario cocoa coming from local producers in Perù. Cocoa freshness for high quality confectionery.

The Origins (Trinitario 70% Ecuador) - Cocoa coming from Hacienda Victoria in Ecuador, fully committed in cultivating aromatic cocoa, preserving the rare variety of Arriba National chocolate. (50g 1.76oz)

The Origins (Trinitario 70% Madagascar) - This chocolate bar has pleasant aromatic fruity notes. This Trinitario cocoa variety comes from the island of Java in Madagascar. (50g 1.76oz)

Criollo 70% - Gifted by incredible natural roundness and sweetness, Chuao chocolate bars are now available in a special limited edition pack. (25g 0.88oz)


*The list provided above is up-to-date with what we have in stock. Photos may vary*