Da Geppetto Monthly Meal (April 2021)


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Da Geppetto is Sud Forno Temperance's intimate and elegant dining space located on the second floor and on the patio. At Da Geppetto, you'll find some of our favourite classic Italian dishes and traditional ingredients reinterpreted in creative offerings that you will not be able to find on any Terroni menu. 

Since La Bettola di Terroni has been temporarily closed due to the pandemic, La Bettola Executive Chef and now Head Chef of Sud Forno Temperance, Costantino Guzzo saw this as a perfect opportunity to bring back some of his signature dishes from La Bettola's menu for this month's meal box. 

You may know Chef Costantino Guzzo from his table visits at La Bettola or from his special guest chef appearances at Terroni...but there is a lot more to this Sicilian chef. Hailing from a long line of chefs in Sicily, Chef Costantino began his culinary journey in Palermo. He owned and operated "GourmArt", a restaurant housed in the prestigious Modern Art Museum in Palermo. During his time in Italy, Costantino was known to be one of the most modern chefs in Sicily as he applied modern cooking techniques while still keeping true to the traditions of Sicilian cuisine. According to Costantino himself, the day he landed in Canada he began working to bring the Sicilian flavours he had mastered over so many years right to La Bettola's menu.

Choose the multi-course meal on its own or pair it with a selection of wines from our wine agency Cavinona!




Included in the box:

Vitello Tonnato: veal eye round, homemade mayonnaise, Italian tuna, capers, anchovies, lemon juice

Orecchiette con Burrata: orecchiette pasta, sausage, pecorino, green peas, burrata

Stinco D’Agnello con Puree di Patate: braised lamb shank, red wine, celery, carrots, onion, tomato paste, spices, potato, butter, milk

Panna Cotta: milk, 35% cream, vanilla, mixed berry jelly, sugar


Vitello Tonnato: Serve at room temperature. Layer the ingredients starting with the salsa tonnata. Then layer veal slices and finish off with our salsa tonnata.

Orecchiette con Burrata: Generously salt a big pot of water. Once it has reached boiling point, add in the orecchiette for 12-14 minutes. In a separate pan on medium heat toss peas and sausage together until sausage is cooked through. Add some starchy pasta water and let it marinate. Once orecchiette are done with a slight bite left to them, drain pasta water and add them to your sausage and peas. Mix well. Plate and finish off with pecorino and your personal burrata on top.

Stinco D’Agnello con Puree di Patate: Bring a large pot of water to a boil then reduce to a simmer. Place both sealed bags containing the braised lamb and mashed potato in the hot water bath for 20 minutes. Remove all the bags from the water and prepare two serving plates and serve everything by dividing portions equally amongst these plates.

Panna cotta: Ready to eat.



2018 ‘Al Posto dei Fiori’, Coste della Sesia Rosato DOC, Le Pianelle, Piemonte: A stunning dry rosé with hints of wild strawberry, lychee, and watermelon. The bouquet is dominated by floral notes and an underlying minerality- this is a big wine with a long finish. 


2017 ‘Jacca Ventu’ Melissa DOC, La Pizzuta del Principe, Calabria: Deep ruby with a dark garnet edge offering a refined bouquet of ripe red fruits, delicate spices, and strong minerality.  The palate is medium bodied and dry, pleasantly warm and well-structured with dusty tannins.

2014 Montefalco Rosso Riserva DOC, Antonelli San Marco, Umbria: Intense ruby red in colour. Intense olfactory impact and complex with fruity, floral and spicy hints. 

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Please note this meal box requires minimal preparation and some items do not come fully cooked. See the "menu" tab for preparation instructions of each dish.

For allergy concerns/questions, please contact info@labottegaditerroni.com or contact Sud Forno Temperance directly at (416) 955-1100

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