L'Artigianale di Spaccio


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We are back once again this holiday season with our new holiday gift baskets! Our baskets contain premium quality items from Terroni, Sud Forno, Spaccio and our best selling handpicked products from La Bottega.

Our L'Artigianale di Spaccio basket contains an assortment of homemade specialities made by our pastry chefs at Spaccio.

*Please note that items may vary depending on availability*


What's Included?

Granola (250g): oats, hazelnuts, almond, pecan nuts, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, shredded coconut, butter, brown sugar, honey 
Classic Torrone (200g):
egg white, sugar, honey, candid orange peel, almonds, hazelnuts, glucose, water
Rosa del Deserto (200g)
: sliced almonds, milk chocolate, wafer cone, cocoa butter, salt
Girella Biscotti (120g):
flower, butter, eggs, sugar, vanilla baking powder, salt, cocoa
Almond Cantucci (200g): 
flour, butter, eggs, baking powder, almonds, fennel seeds, salt, sugar 
Chocolate Bark (160g): 
dark chocolate, cocoa butter, hazelnut
Sesame/Almond Croccante (150g):
sugar glucose, syrup water, sesame, almonds
Mini Nutella Biscotti (240g):
flower, butter, eggs, sugar, vanilla, baking powder, salt, Nutella


Panettone ArtigianaleOur Panettone Classico is handcrafted in-house by our team of bakers and is made with flours from a small mill in the Marche region of Italy. We use fresh free-range eggs, butter, vanilla beans and no preservatives at all! We make our panettone with mother yeast and allow each loaf to leaven over a period of 36 hours enabling all of its flavours to mature and bind slowly. The result is a sweet, fragrant Christmas offering.
Classico (Candied Orange & Raisins): flour, butter, eggs, candied orange, raisins, mother yeast, sugar, almonds, vanilla bean, malt, salt, hazelnut, water, honey, icing sugar, brown sugar, corn starch
Cioccolato (Domori 54% Chocolate Chips): flour, butter, eggs, chocolate (Domori Morogoro), sugar, mother yeast, almonds, vanilla bean, malt, salt, hazelnut, water, honey, icing sugar, brown sugar, corn starch
Amarena & Cioccolato (Milk Chocolate Chips & Amarena Cherries): flour, butter, eggs, amarene, mother yeast, sugar, almonds, vanilla bean, malt, salt, almonds, milk chocolate, hazelnut, water, honey, icing sugar, brown sugar, corn starch

Wine: Choose from a wide selection of imported wines by Cavinona - Terroni’s exclusive wine agency. Please note that holiday basket orders that include wine as an add-on cannot be shipped with UPS and are only eligible for local delivery and store pickup. 

Local Delivery

Local delivery now available with Trexity! Enter your postal code when you checkout to see if you are eligible for local delivery (20km radius from Spaccio at 22 Sackville Street). Deliveries arrive between 3pm-6pm. You will receive same day delivery if you order before 3pm. Orders placed after 3pm will arrive next day. Deliveries with Trexity can be tracked from the moment your order is being prepared up until you receive your order. 

Store Pickup

You can also choose to pick up your item at one of the following locations during regular store hours. Choose your pickup date and time on the checkout page.

Sud Forno Queen: 716 Queen Street West, M6J 1E8, Toronto, ON

Spaccio: 22 Sackville Street, M5A 3E2, Toronto, ON

Terroni Price: 1095 Yonge Street, M4W 2L7, Toronto, ON

*For assistance with large orders or orders that need to be delivered to multiple addresses, please email us at info@labottegaditerroni.com