Uova Artigianali (Artisanal Chocolate Easter Eggs)


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For different religions and cultures, the symbol of the egg has represented life and new beginnings. For this reason, many associate the Easter egg with the resurrection of Jesus. Tradition has it that on Easter Day loved ones exchange eggs as a gesture of new beginnings and good health. The modern Easter tradition of eating chocolate eggs is a fun, kid-friendly variation on an ancient religious practice that dates back to the early 1800s in Europe.

Our Artisanal Chocolate Easter Eggs are handmade in-house at Spaccio with premium cacao by the expert hands of Executive Pastry Chef Armando Palmieri and are available in three different flavours: hazelnut, dark chocolate and milk chocolate.


If you would like to order more than one flavour, please add one at a time to your cart.

milk chocolate 40%, hazelnuts 

Dark Chocolate Egg: dark chocolate 70%

Milk Chocolate Egg: milk chocolate 40% 


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Please note that given the absence of preservatives, it's better to enjoy our Easter Eggs within 7 days from the production date. Do not refrigerate. Store in a dry, cool place. 

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