Maccheroni Millerighe Pasta Bianca


This southern Italian pasta factory run by the Marella family makes pasta the way it was made hundreds of years ago: by hand. The process of making pasta by hand is long but the quality is far more superior Thant the common name brands. 

Maccheroni is a type of Italian pasta characterized by its large, tubular shape. The difference between normal Maccheroni and Maccheroni Millerighe is the texture of the pasta. The Maccheroni Millerighe  are perfect for rich sauces full of condiments!

The Marella bronze drawn Maccheroni Millerighe are made of durum wheat semolina pasta with a rough and old-fashioned taste, obtained using only 100% Italian wheat. The spaghetti are air dried slowly in order to create the amazing texture. Once you boil a slow-dried artisan pasta just shy of “done,” it has a nice al dente bite yet easily dissolves into a creamy paste as you chew. As the pasta dissolves, it mixes with the condiment in your mouth, creating an incredible, lush texture.