Ravioli Stamp Square Copper Bronze Edition


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Have fun creating tasty ravioli with the wonderful cutters designed by Marcato. The body of the stamps are made of brass to guarantee a clean cut of the pasta sheet. The anodized aluminium spring-operated ejection mechanism is designed to evenly press the filling and obtain a perfect hemisphere.

Colour: Copper Bronze 

The special finish is made with a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) treatment, a process that deposits a thin metal film on chrome, which hardens the surface and ensures a spectacular aesthetic effect.

Wood: Mahogany Wood 

The handles of the stamps are made of solid wood, with a natural wax finish and laser engraving. They have an ergonomic shape that makes the handle stable and easy to use. 


Size / Shape

60mm / Square



The Ravioli Stamps come with a two-year warranty.