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The Zeppo (short for pieno zeppo - meaning you are full after a large meal in Italian) holiday basket is a larger curated collectionof Terroni essentials and high-quality and artisanal imported Italian products paired with a wide variety of Sud Forno and Spaccio’s artisanal homemade baked goods.

What's Included 

  • Terroni EVOO: 100% extra-virgin olive oil made from Coratina olives
  • Terroni Peperoncini Piccanti: our famous hot peppers imported from Puglia, Italy
  • Terroni Pomodori: tinned DOP San Marzano tomatoes from Puglia and Campania
  • I Contadini La Dolce Passata di Pomodoro: cherry tomatoes, fresh basil
  • Due Vittorie Aceto: the #1 best selling Italian vinegar
  • Spaccio Risotto: restaurant quality risotto at home in minutes
  • Maldon Salt: natural sea salt harvested in the UK town of Maldon since 1882 
  • I Contadini Pasta: artisanal pasta produced with select Italian durum wheat and dried slowly at low temperatures
  • Babbi Cremadelizia: fine spreadable cream ideal for spreading on a simple slice of bread, to be savoured with other sweets or to decorate or fill a dessert
  • Yuritta Fish: Spanish tinned fish from a small family-owned business that has worked and dedicated itself to the canned fish industry since 1867
  • Neromonte Conserve: Sicilian fruit conserve harvested at the foot of Europe’s highest active volcano
  • I Contadini Italian Preserve: responsibly sourced, organic savoury Italian preserve
  • Spaccio Cocktail Cans: mixed and canned by hand in-house at Spaccio 
  • Mazafati Organic Dates: grown for thousands of years on ancient farms in Iran 
  • Baratti Amaretti: sugar, egg white, almonds (23%), apricot almonds (23%), potassium sorbate, natural flavours
  • Almond Tozzetti: butter, flour, baking powder, sugar, eggs, salt, honey, almonds, orange, oil cinnamon
  • Ricciarelli: marzipan, icing sugar, lemon zest, egg whites, almond extract
  • Domori Torrone: the classic Italian nougat with Domori chocolate


Panettone Artigianale 
Our Panettone Artigianale is handcrafted in-house by our team of bakers and is made with flours from a small mill in the Marche region of Italy. We use fresh free-range eggs, butter, vanilla beans and no preservatives at all. We make our panettone with mother yeast and allow each loaf to leaven over a period of 36 hours enabling all of its flavours to mature and bind slowly. The result is a sweet and fragrant traditional Italian holiday offering! 

Classico (Candied Orange & Raisins): flour, butter, eggs, Morandin candied orange, raisins, mother yeast, sugar, almonds, vanilla bean, malt, salt, hazelnut, water, honey, icing sugar, brown sugar, corn starch

Cioccolato (Domori 54% Chocolate): flour, butter, eggs, Domori Morogoro 54% chocolate, sugar, mother yeast, almonds, vanilla bean, malt, salt, hazelnut, water, honey, icing sugar, brown sugar, corn starch

Mortadella and Smoked Scamorza: natural yeast, flour, malt flour, water, eggs, butter, sugar, brown sugar, salt, honey, mortadella, smoked scamorza

Spaccio Reusable Bags
When designing our picnic bags our aim was to create something that was functional, stylish and environmentally friendly. Our bags went through 7 rounds of prototyping to create the final product. They are created using 2 materials - the outside is recycled paper waxed for durability and to make it water repellent. The inside is recycled, food-grade HDPE which will keep your food cold for up to 5 hours. Each bag can hold up to 5kgs and can be carried as a shoulder bag or a backpack making it easy to carry and a must-have for all your outings. Choose between kraft and white!

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