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A collection of our favourite storable essentials you’ll find in our own homes.

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    Terroni Sud Forno Peperoncini Piccanti Spicy Red Chili Hot Peppers
    Peperoncini Piccanti
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    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    from $20.00
    Due Vittorie Aceto
    from $6.00
    Paolo Mariani Flour (Manitoba, Pane e Pizza, Pasta Fresca, Dolci)
    Aceto Di Vino Rose Due Vittorie (250ml)
    Maldon Sea Salt Flakes
    from $8.99
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    30th Anniversary Limited Edition Olive Oil
    Aceto Di Mele Due Vittorie (250ml)
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    Risotto Ai Funghi Porcini
    Paolo Mariani Semola Flour (1kg)
    A Però Paté di Pomodori Secchi (190g)
    Granola (450gr)
    Gocciole Chocolate (500g)
    Paolo Mariani Integrale/Wholemeal Flour (1kg)
    Edwin County Farms Maple Syrup (473g)
    Tesori del Matese Crema di Funchi Porcini (45g)
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    Fabbri Strawberries in Syrup with Natural Flavor
    from $13.00
    Smoked Paprika
    Papa al Pomodoro
    Due Vittorie Aceto Balsamico DOP
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    Grissini with Black Olives
    Agrigenus Pomodoro San Marzano
    Acquerello Rice (500gr)
    Riso Integrale Rosso
    Le Conserve della Nonna
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    José Lou Aceitunas Aliñadas Estila Campesino
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    José Lou Pelotin Anchovy Flavour Olives
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    iContadini Il Pesto Dei Contadini
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    Sundried Tomato Paté
    iContadini Battuto alla Contadina
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    iContadini Il Pesto Di Melanzane Secche
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    iContadini Crudaiola Candini (Little Artichoke Hearts)
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    iContadini Grande Antipasto (Big Appetizer) del Salento
    Nutella Biscuits
    Bertolini Lievito (Baking Powder)