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La Bottega di Terroni is Terroni, Sud Forno and Spaccio's online shop.

In 2016, we launched La Bottega to make it easier to order our products. Over the years we added homemade artisanal products such as fresh pasta and cakes, our selection of imported Italian foods and wine and tickets to monthly events like pasta classes, wine tastings, and special occasion dinners. During the pandemic, our online shop saw vast growth with the inclusion of meal boxes, home-ready meals, product bundles and virtual events.

Today, La Bottega gets a facelift offering a new shopping experience and the addition of many new products, such as our Sud Forno bread and a new range of hand-painted ceramics from Puglia.

Stay tuned as we continue to add new products and events!



What is a Bottega?

The term "La Bottega" or "The Shop" originally referred to a warehouse, stemming from the ancient Greek word apothekē. Traders would store and sell their goods in these spaces. During the Middle Ages bottegas started to specialize in selling specific goods and the ones that sold similar merchandise were grouped together in same areas of the city.

It was at this point that the term bottega was defined as a shop. After the introduction of large department stores and shopping centers, the number of bottegas has reduced significantly. Nowadays, you can only find a few old fashioned bottegas in small Italian villages or in the historic areas of big cities. 


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