From our traditional bread made using Italian flour and our own mother yeast to home-made cakes and desserts, our bakery has something for everyone

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    Brioche Loaf
    Burger Buns
    Pane alle Olive
    from $6.00
    Pane Pugliese
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    iContadini Durum Wheat "Friselle" (500gr)
    Al Volo Dolci Jars
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    Sud Forno Crostate! Marmellata: Italian tart filled with jam (seasonal). Doppio Cioccolato e Crema: italian chocolate tart filled with nutella and pastry cream. Nutella: italian tart filled with nutella. Frangipane: italian tart filled with almond frangipane, jam and seasonal fruit Terroni Cake
    Crostate di Sud
    from $23.50
    Terroni Sud Forno Almond creme tart, fruit compote & fresh seasonal fruit cake
    Frutti di Stagione
    Sud Forno Raspberry mousse, sponge cake, vanilla creme cake Terroni
    Torta Soffice al Lampone
    from $36.00
    Terroni Sud Forno Chocolate cake & sponge layered with chocolate mousse cake
    from $36.00
    from $36.00