The choice is yours…Pick between our daily made pastas from Spaccio, or from our high quality imported favourites.

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    Arcobaleno Frozen Sauce Puck
    from $12.00
    Geppetto Frozen Sauce Puck
    from $12.00
    Limone Frozen Sauce Puck
    from $12.00
    Fresh Spaccio Pasta (250gr)
    La Pasta Di Camerino
    from $6.00
    iContadini Pasta
    Frozen Spaccio Gnocchi (400g)
    Frozen Spaccio Cavatelli (260g)
    Frozen Spaccio Ravioli (300g)
    from $13.95
    Spaccio Pasta Sauces
    from $9.00
    Terroni Pasta Wheel
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    Otello Pasta Machine
    Regina Pasta Machine
    Spaghetti Chitarra Accessory for Atlas 150
    Ravioli Accessory for Atlas 150
    Ravioli Tablet with Rolling Pin
    Manual Torchietto
    Cavatelli Machine