Shop with a Chef

Welcome to Shop with a Chef, a monthly series where one of our Executive Chefs teaches us how to make a traditional Italian dish at home using ingredients from our Spaccio grocer and our online store, La Bottega di Terroni. This month, Chef Gio shares her recipes for a spicy Valentine’s Day Puttanesca pasta.
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    Terroni Sud Forno Peperoncini Piccanti Spicy Red Chili Hot Peppers
    Peperoncini Piccanti
    from $11.99
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    from $22.50
    Fontanella Ovalini Tomatoes
    Delicius Anchovies
    from $9.50
    Altamura Salted Capers
    Taggiasche Olives (180g)
    La Pasta Di Camerino
    from $6.00