La Dolce Vita

Every meal needs to end with a bit of sweetness. Affogato alla Crema features crema gelato which is then ‘drowned’ in hot espresso for a pick-me-up at the end of your meal. The word affogato stems from ‘affogare’ which translates to drowned in English. 

Our Cornetto con Gelato uses fresh cornetti from Spaccio, our artisanal gelato and Nutella! Cosimo wanted a flourless chocolate cake on the menu and encouraged Sud Forno Executive Chef, Giovanna Alonzi to invent one in the little kitchen upstairs at Terroni Queen. Buy our Frozen Cornetti

Our rich and creamy Butterscotch Budino is made with salted caramel. The ultimate dolce. Buy our Al Volo Dolci Jars.

After a trip to the 2006 annual food fair in Parma, Giovanna found the perfect chocolate and came back to Toronto more inspired than ever and from there created our Torta Calda al Cioccolato!

Biscotti take their name from the way these ancient Roman cookies were traditionally cooked:  Bis for twice and Cotto for baked. 

The Romans weren’t just being thorough—these cookies needed to have a long shelf life as the Roman army relied on them for quick nourishment and the second round in the oven-dried them out completely. 

Most associate biscotti with Tuscany where they reinvented the biscotto by adding almonds grown in nearby Prato. These Biscotti are called cantuccini. Spaccio makes an assortment of biscotti in-house—from lemon to Nutella—and there’s always a coffee close by to accompany these confections.