Sicily is not only home to some of Italy’s loveliest beaches but untold amounts of assorted Italian salumi. At Terroni we are on a quest to bring the most authentic traditional recipes to Toronto, part of which includes making over 90 lbs of the spicy spreadable traditional Calabrese sausage ‘nduja. Authentic ‘nduja is a beautiful thing and quite rare to find outside of Calabria.

Thanks to our chefs, however, you can find the real deal at Terroni. Take some organic pork, chili peppers (dried, smoked and crushed), smoked paprika and the finest sea salt, then dry-age it for three months and presto: tutti a tavola a mangiare!


Keep your eyes open for ‘nduja in our specials, or order the Focu Meu pizza and enjoy an authentic taste of Calabria.

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Written and Photographed by Stephanie Palmer D'Andrea