32 Via dei Birrai


Artisanal Italian beers with a strong identity and enduring, unmistakable taste. To get to know and fully appreciate 32 Via dei Birrai beers, you just have to taste them!


Oppale: 750ml Pale ale, superbly drinkable. Very hoppy with strong hints of exotic fruit, ideal for the more discerning clientele. Possessing all the personality of traditional I.P.As. Top-fermented, bottle conditioned ale.

Admiral: 750ml Red ale with a ruby hue, pleasantly hoppy with hints of wild berries. Strong beer (double malt), with top-fermentation and bottle conditioned.

Curmi: 750ml - 5.8% alc. vol. White beer, infused with coriander and orange peel. Easily drinkable and pleasantly sour. Made with Italian-grown spelt and hops. Top-fermented, bottle conditioned ale.

Ambita: 750ml Pale ale, SINGLE-HOP 100% Italian. Superbly drinkable on any occasion, with a characteristic hoppy finish. The Brewer's Gold hops we use are grown on the hills next to our brewery. Top-fermented, bottle conditioned ale.